Please can I change the delivery address?

Yes, but there is an admin fee of €15 for us to carry out the appropriate checks.

I want to sell Rocker BMX in my shop, do you sell to trade customers?

Yes we do, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will supply you with details on how you can become a dealer.  We have a dedicated B2B to make life simple for our trade customers.

Where can I buy spares for Rocker BMX??

You can buy spares direct from our website or from your local Rocker dealer.

Why do my wheels wobble?

This is perfectly normal for a standard Rocker, there is always a little bit of wobble in the tyres.  If you find you are progressing to riding ramps or trails at high speed, we recommend you upgrade you wheels & tyres to our aftermarket pro line.

How do I tighten my cranks?

See the following video to help

Is the driver loud?

Yes VERY loud.  We have worked on this to get the loudest sounding driver we possibly can

Do you sell aftermarket parts?

Yes, 3 piece cranks, alloy wheels, our own manufactured tyres (street pro) + many other upgrade stock BMX parts will fit your rocker like chain wheels, bars, stems, seats & seat posts.

Why do some Rockers have 1 piece cranks?

Because the cranks are very short and doing crazy drops to flat are unlikely, the 1 piece cranks are actually sufficient even for adult riders. That said we also sell upgrade 3 piece cranks sets & USA to 19 mm converters for those who need that extra strength

How BIIIGGGG???? are those bars?

BIG, they are 28" wide x 10" high

I have seen other companies selling mini BMX that look like yours, why should I buy a Rocker BMX?

Simple, we are in fact predominantly a BMX company. We make and sell a lot of complete bikes and aftermarket parts. We have many riders who work for us & help design the products we sell. We designed the Rocker BMX from the ground up, we ride it, test it abuse & develop it.  It it’s not a Rocker, it’s a mocker i.e. that it is a substandard copy of a Rocker from a poor quality factory in Northern China.  Be safe and only buy Rocker & Rocker complete mini BMX & Rocker parts.

How do I get sponsored?

That’s tough one but not impossible.  Get on a mini BMX learn to shred it & when you are ready send us an edit of your mini skillz.  If you are up to it we will be in touch for a chat.

Rocker BMX operate an online shop dedicated to bringing you genuine, original equipment and quality mini BMX parts and upgrades. Everyone who works at Rocker BMX rides and shares a passion for 2 wheels. Rocker BMX products are designed by BMX riders with a wealth of industry experience. Collectively we are dedicated to delivering the ultimate product and customer service, for the best possible price. Rocker BMX is a brand & trading names owned and operated by Stomp Racing LTD company number 05255018.

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