Visual Inspections

For a small fee we will open your bike box & visually inspect (where detail packaging will allow), for damage, insufficient packaging and or missing parts. Once satisfied, we will re-seal the bike in a new carton and ship to you.

We do have our own quality control checks at our factory, however from time to time, mistakes can happen (we’re only human), also transportation from the factory to our warehouse can sometimes result in minor internal damage. This is a peace of mind check that is highly recommended.

Cancellation of pre-orders

Please note: When you place a pre order, we manufacture your bike specifically to that order. This means that part of your payment is a €15 non-refundable deposit. If you decide to cancel your pre order, we will refund your payment, however we will keep the €15 deposit to help cover the costs of administration & re-sale of your order to another customer. This only apples to pre-orders and not to orders where an item is in stock. If you cancel an order for a stock item, we will refund you in full.

Pre-order delivery dates

Due to the very high demand for our products you may often see that we are out of stock & that you can only pre order. For pre orders please look carefully at the expected ‘in stock’ date for the product you are interested in before buying. Pre order delivery dates may be subject to change as a result of factors outside our control, such as delays in manufacture or shipping delays caused by re-routing of ships or storms. Therefore if you place a pre order, you accept that there may be delays to the estimated delivery date shown at time of purchase. If you are ordering for a Christmas or birthday present then you accept that it is not our responsibility to deliver your product by that date. Pre order delivery dates are only a guide and we cannot control the final delivery date. If there is a change to a pre order delivery date we will do our utmost to keep you informed.

Change of delivery address

If you wish to change your delivery address from the one provided on your Paypal email account, or the one provided with your card payment, there will be a one-off admin fee of €15 which can only be paid via Paypal to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


None of our terms and conditions affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

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